Tasting Room

Although our vineyard and wine production is based in Paso Robles, we made a decision early 2009 to take our product out to Cambria. We found a wonderful opportunity in the West Village and since have called 766 Main Street home and have made our wine available to the local residents and to many visitors.

Cambria is a quaint town with a variety of galleries and unique shopping experiences. It is also a neighbor to the famous William Randolph Hearst and his castle that sits above San Simeon. While traveling in this area, make sure you take in some local favorites like Moonstone Beach and the Elephant seals that line the beaches at Piedras Blancas.

At our Tasting Room we offer outstanding red wines and stories that go with the "speak easy" theme of the room itself. Come take a look at what we offer the next time you are traveling the North Coast!

766 Main Street, Ste. B
Cambria, California


Open Thur - Mon 12pm - 5pm